Table of Contents February 2000

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If you think that physical appeal is strictly a matter of personal taste and cultural bias, think again. Who you find attractive, say psychobiologists, is largely dictated by evolutionary needs and hardwired into your brain
With all but a quarter of Hawaii's native birds extinct or endangered, and its other species dying off faster than the dinosaurs, some island ecologists are risking their lives to save what's left
Can animals learn to share, cooperate, punish, and show empathy?
When our writer set out to hang his name upon a celestial body, he never imagined he would have to navigate such an Earthbound bureaucracy
When Roy Walford was just a boy, he figured out that science could fix his biggest complaint: Life is too short.
The discovery of an abnormal gene in narcoleptic pooches may soon lead to relief for millions of people who suffer from chronic insomnia.


I look upon synesthesia as a gift-a memory device that helps me recall numbers, names, and the stuff of life'
Why was my patient suddenly falling apart after decades of healthy living?


Machines that turn ideas into objects are reshaping everything from Camrys to computers
This month's 29th day halts the disorienting creep of the seasons