By Scott Kim|Tuesday, August 01, 2000

Take Five

These 12 pentominoes-shapes made of five squares-have each been given a single fold. The pentominoes are labeled 1 through 12; the shapes that result from folding them, A through L.

{ EASY }
Can you match each pentomino with its folded self? Some pentominoes match more than one folded shape- for instance, pentomino 2 matches both shape A and shape D-but there is only one way to match every pentomino with a different shape. The shapes may be rotated, but they cannot be flopped.

Pentomino 6 can be folded to make shape H in two different ways. Which two other pentominoes can each be folded to create one shape in two different ways? In this case the shapes may be flopped.

Crease Is the Word

This square sheet of paper is folded so that three separate regions are visible in the flattened result. What is the greatest number of visible regions you can make by folding one square sheet of paper two times? You may fold only along a straight line, and the paper must be pressed flat after each fold.

Hoist the Colors

Here is a 4x4 flag sewn out of 16 squares. Can you fold the flag into a 2x2 square so that all four visible squares are red? Can you do the same to yield four yellow squares? Four green squares? Four blue? Folds must occur only along the edges between squares.


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