Table of Contents August 2000

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New evidence indicates our idea of how nature really works could be wrong
The more time you spend with Yngvar Isachsen, the moe you wonder when the next killer meteorite will head our way
The new buzz in psychology is that peers are more important in shaping a child's personality than parents are. But a 13-year study in Dominica, of all places, says home life is ground zero for mental health
Engineers have been tinkering with this lovable leaning bell tower for hundreds of years. Now it is so close to actually falling over that they had to try something radical
Rupert Sheldrake earned the righteous scorn of his fellow biologists for suggesting that pets communicate telepathically with their masters by way of invisible morphic fields. But some physicists think he may be onto something


This pump's electrical system is as finely crafted as a microchip