Table of Contents April 2000

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A long-lost cache of surprisingly well-preserved vessels promises a rare look at everyday life in ancient Rome
What if the shuttle took off more like a jet on an aircraft carrier?
Half mongoose, half clouded leopard, Madagascar's fossa is rarely seen and barely understood yet essential to the natural balance of this threatened Eden.
Now that we're getting closer to a root cause of depression (psst—it may come from your left prefrontal cortex), can we figure out how to fix it?

Fertility technology is advancing at such an astonishing pace that couples who fail to have children in their forties could realistically wait until their sixties to try again.

In the operating room of the future, physicians will use tiny high-tech tools to travel inside the body with dexterity and precision beyond imagining.


Humans seem to distinguish between having sex and creating a pair-bond, although for each we use the word mate
Parents learn that it doesn't take much to start a biological storm in a toddler's brain


Insects have long been the best fliers around, but no one knew what kept them in the air--until now
The most reviled drug in history proves a potent weapon against disease
Hybrid cars are electric efficient, gasoline convenient, and the biggest auto innovation in a century