Table of Contents September 1999

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If David Oren could find just one of the horrifying creatures he knows are out there-- huge sloths with giant claws and a reputation for twisting off the heads of humans--he could save the world's largest rain forest


The wrong diagnosis tears a family apart
You do us a disservice when you buy into the stereotype that clergy are narrowly focused and out of touch'
Grope, twirl, and shock your way to science at San Francisco's cavernous Exploratorium


The father of human-powered flight sends imaginations soaring with gigantic solar-powered planes that fly forever and micro air vehicles that silently spy over the horizon
If David Oren can find just one monstrous sloth he could save the world's largest rain forest.
Re-creating the chemistry and cosmetics of Queen Nefertiti
Sorry, the real universe isn't that dramatic
A massive star may soon become a supernova.
Sorry, the real universe isn't that dramatic
A new crop of designer drugs in the works will allow you to pick a potion that guarantees good sex even if you--or your partner--don't much feel like it
A complete guide to the exciting December 3 touchdown near the Red Planet's South Pole
Angling for Momentum The quest for a unified theory of fly casting
The technology is here: Why can't you buy one?