Peter the Great

This guy turns a sleepy azalea park into one of the best botanical gardens in the hemisphere, so now he thinks he can save the world too?

By Jack McClintock|Friday, October 01, 1999

Liz Raven McQuinn vividly remembers summer vacations with her father back in the 1970s, before he became world renowned. "We'd be driving along, my parents in animated conversation," she says, "and he'd spot some plant by the side of the road. We'd come screeching to a halt while he collected it, carefully numbering the specimen." Then her father and the rest of the family would pile back in the car and carry on as if nothing had happened. "God knows what number he's up to," says Liz, now 38. "I seem to remember it was already in the twenty thousands when I was a teenager."

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The Missouri Botanical Garden
The New York Botanical Garden
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
The Department of Botany at The Natural History Museum in London
University of California Botanical Garden
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