Table of Contents January 1998

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Motion is the Root of All EvilLook, Ma
Motion is the Root of All EvilSwim Suit
Motion is the Root of All EvilFast Car
Motion is the Root of All EvilUFO
Motion is the Root of All EvilSuppressed Roar
The Pioneer 10 space probe survives far longer than expected, but doesn't find the edge of the solar system.
Being There (and Everywhere)
A Flower-Petal Path Among the Moons
Score One (More) for the Spooks
The Missing File of Auguste D.
Footprints from the human dawn
It turns out gama ray bursts are truly titanic.
The Pistol Star makes our own sun lookd downright puny.


Suddenly, at 52, Mr. Carter changed. Now he cared only for art and scorned the world he knew