Table of Contents February 1998

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Though our orbiting 2 Telescope is stillgiving us an unprecedented view of the heavens, within a decade or so, accumulated glitches will finally make THE HUBBLE go dark. But don't worry: NASA has a fleet of new telescopes aimed at a universe we can now only imagine.
Tomorrow's Engine
The Earthmovers—Centuries before Egypt's first pyramids were built, and long before Stonehenge, Native Americans constructed large earthen mounds in Louisiana.
Mrs. Anders didn't seem sick. But the fiery streak up her ankle was a poisonous calling card.
What were people in New Hampshire doing4,000 years ago with a sacrificial table?
It's not every paparazzo who can catch a bug-eating bug in the act.
Signs of an ancient horror lie buried in the southwestern desert. And with them lie hints of a complex societycaught up in turbulent times.
In the competition between parrots and fruit trees, it's the winners who bite the dust.
If you're smitten, even a cold winternight holds the promise of love
Paleontologist Stephen Hasiotis is finding what his colleagues have long overlooked: nests, hives, and trackways that are tens of millions of years older than anyone thought they could be.