Table of Contents April 1998

Discover Magazine's mission is to enable readers to lead richer lives by explaining and expanding their universe.  Each month we bring you in depth information and analysis from various topics ranging from technology and space to the living world we live in.
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Through the icy depths of Lake Champlain glides a mysterious beast, affectionately known as Champ. maybe it's a plesiosaur left over from the age of the dinosaurs. or maybe it's just a very peculiar water wave.
How do you launch something into orbit without using any fuel? A prototype spacecraft relies on a To attack a terrifying form of brain tumor, surgeons are adding a tiny new tool to their kit: a genetically tweaked virus, designed to mark cancer cells for death.
Breeders have created head ruffs, chest frills,and fantails for the lowly, abused bird.
How do you launch something into orbit without using any fuel? A prototype spacecraft relies on a ground-based laser to push it aloft.
We may be headed into a giant interstellar cloud that could mess up the solar system for decades.
Forget about hapless mates being dragged around by macho mammoth killers. The women of Ice Age Europe, it appears, were not mere cavewives but priestly leaders, clever inventors, and mighty hunters.
Ninety million years ago in what is now Argentina, a terrible predator hunted some of the biggest animals ever to walk on land. Meet Megaraptor.
Witness the striking meeting ofthree planets and a sliver of moon.


An accident threatened Mr. Sinclair's poor hearing. Could microsurgery save his fragile world?


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