Table of Contents November 1997

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Computer scientists and paleontologists are joining forces to get the very largest of Earth's extinct giants moving again, this time the right way.
With instruments sensitive enough to measure the faint glow of radiation left over from the first moment of creation, physicists hope to learn the universe's deepest, and darkest, secrets.
When the mutineers from HMS Bounty landed on Pitcairn Island, they found no people--just a desolate land marked by the relics of a vanished society. The story of that lost civilization is just now being learned. And it's far more frightening than any tale of Captain Bligh.
How could bees of little brain come up with anything as complex as a dance language?
Cheer up, guys. Your favorite chromosome is turning out to be not just an X with something missing. It's a sperm-producing powerhouse.