Table of Contents April 1997

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O typewriter? Quit your torture!
We may soon be able to grow unlimited numbers of perfectly healthy, fertilizable human eggs in the laboratory. Whether we should, of course, is an entirely different question.
How did the Amazon achieve its stunning diversity? Some say great rivers are responsible, others point to vanished hills and seas. Now one team of zoologists is listening to what the rats have to say.
Everywhere Ioannis Miaoulis looks, he sees life's answers to technology's problems--they're in the innocent beat of a butterfly's wing, in the gentle undulation of a sea anemone.


In April Leo leaps above the eastern horizon at nightfall.
By swallowing huge amounts of energy, a black hole betrays it's whereabouts.
The Neander Valley was, apparently, alive with the sound of music.
Digging into DNA confirms the oral tradition of an ancient priestly lineage.
Limestone-building bacteria could mend cracks in concrete.