Table of Contents October 1996

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If creation demands a visionary creator, then how does blind evolution manage to build such splendid new things as ourselves?
Computers don't suffer, are perfectly nonjudgmental, and utterly undemanding when it comes to aesthetics. Yet soon they might teach us a thing or two about how to paint a picture, write a poem, or compose a song.
A selection of intentive quotations, in three parts. Part II can be found on page 84, part III on page 102.
Why can a toddler sing? Why is even the most ordinary human brain a library of melodies?
Great artists are more likely to suffer from manic depression than the rest of us. So claims the latest in a long line of explanations that link mental illness with genius.
Christopher Columbus of chemists, set boldly forth to discover a new technology of refrigeration. Luckily, he screwed up and invented Teflon instead. The knack for serendipity may turn out to be the investor's most important talent.