Table of Contents May 1996

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Despite seat belts and air bags and the other safety devices now in our cars, driving is still the riskiest thing we do every day. To make it safer, researchers are going beyond the behavior of crash dummies and back to the scene of the accident.
Statisticians are figuring out the equations that underlie subjective decisions.
Does a gun make you safer or increase your likelihood of violent death?
Don't make another move until you've checked it against our compendium of life's potential mishaps.
By examining humans at the molecular level, researchers hope to pin down cancer's true causes.
The EPA ran the gauntlent in a land of many risks: the pollution-rich Czech Republic.
All very complex computer programs will, at some time, fail. How often? No one knows; the programs are too complex to test. So where should we use them? How about in planes, nuclear power plants, weaponry...