Table of Contents October 1995

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And when you finish that, build some more of you. Go ahead, fill a whole desert valley. And then produce unlimited energy while eliminating the greenhouse effect. Okay? Thanks.
With a nod to evolution's god, physicians are looking at illness through the lens of natural selection to find out why we get sick and what we can do about it.
It's a long way to alpha centauri, but some think antimatter could send us there in record time.
The problem with computers today, says David Deutsch, is that they are all stuck in a single universe. He thinks it's time to call out the quantum mechanics.
Why is life on land such a spectacular success? Because, say Dianna and Mark McMenamin, 450 million years ago life created Hypersea--a vast new ocean of interconnected tissues whose ways are chartered by pioneering fungi and parasites.
A microscope that can feel inside a molecule and label each and every atom: researchers are designing one right now.
Sometime in the next century, he hopes to find fossil microbes on Mars.