Table of Contents March 1995

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The contentious mathematics of division applies to everything from birthday cake to real estate. A mathematician and a political scientist have come up with a procedure that can make dividing anything fair and envy-free.
Must we maintain potential killer elephants? Should we feed live lambs to tigers? When zoo directors put the interests of animals first, they find themselves facing thorny moral questions like these.
With a couple of million microbes and a little bit of sugar, Peter Bennetto hopes to produce enough electricity to run a watch, a car, or even a city.
Stem cells, capable of generating an endless supply of red cells, white cells, and platelets, have also generated a heated scientific controversy--and millions of dollars for the man who claims to have found them.
There's not one crisis but two: the universe seems to be younger than the stars in it, and a huge chunk of it is headed in the wrong.