Table of Contents October 1994

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With some plywood, some plastic, and a lot of H2O, William Katavolos is building the future.
Once upon a time, a few wolves gave up their freedom in exchange for our garbage. They also got smaller brains, genetic diseases, and an embarrassing array of frivolous features. In evolutionary terms, it was a terrific deal.
If you're a plant, carbon dioxide is your favorite greenhouse gas. And you'll get a lot more of it in the future. But is twice as much too much of a good thing?
Our fifth annual awards honor innovative technologies, and the men and women behind them, in seven categories: automotive and transportation; aviation and aerospace; computer hardware and electronics; computer software; environment; sight; and sound.
Caltech chemist Jacqueline Barton has found the perfect match for her elegantly designed little metal molecules--in the tangled embrance of DNA.