Table of Contents June 1994

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Nothing in science is as mysterious as quantum mechanics--except, perhaps, the mechanics of the mind. Now genius-of-all-trades Roger Penrose says the two are intimately connected.
He looks like a human, he's shaped like a human, he moves, works, and reacts like a human. He's the avant-garde of simulated us, and the future of virtual reality.
Cystic fibrosis may be just the opponent gene therapy has been looking for. It's inherited, it's deadly, and--most important--it's responding.
In the mysterious, glowing clouds created by the collision of violently blowing gases, you can read the record of a star's dying days.
Some written languages are a precise reflection of a people's speech, while others, like english, are a complete mess. Is this alphabetical evolution? Or the unequal application of logic to literacy?