Table of Contents May 1993

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At 212 degrees water turns to steam, and proteins--the very stuff of life--turns to glop. But in some canisters in Georgia, a select group of creatures are just warming up.
Just how strong do our hearts, bones, kidneys, and other hardworking body parts really need to be?
Way out at the far edge of the solar system sits odd, mysterious unexplored pluto. After 5 billion years the tiny planet is overdue for some visitors.
Evolution, in our dog-eat-dog world, should have made short work of unselfish behavior.
Elisabeth Vrba has her finger on the pulse of evolution: bursts of climate change that sweep the planet, killing some species and leaving new ones--like ours--in their wake.
In the mountains of West Virginia one man teases out the secrets of a feared, and endangered, reptile.


Most astronomers think the Milky Way’s suburbs are its oldest part—they may be wrong.