Table of Contents December 1993

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What could be easier than a routine dive, in a sub that's made the trip thousands of times before? But when you're working deep, on the bottom of the sea, nothing is ever easy, and there's no such thing as routine.
The lowly muon provides insight into the dark spaces between atoms.
Homebodies and roamers, herders and hunters--killer whales divide up into distinct societies, each with customs and a history of its own.
A spate of sudden deaths in the Southwest has revealed a new viral villain. But is the virus really new--or an old one we've flushed out of hiding?
From the shores of Maracaibo to the halls of Washington, Nancy Wexler has spent 25 years stalking her mother's killer.
Computer wizardry has turned raw data into stunning pictures of our sister planet. But do they show the real thing?